A Guide to Create Target Specific Marketing Strategies

A Guide to Create Target Specific Marketing Strategies

This is an apt time for student recruiters to create marketing strategies that identifies with your target audience – the students and their parents. It has become imperative for marketers to sell the total benefits of your college and not just the courses you offer, as students do gauge other factors as well while choosing a college. Another benefit of creating a targeted marketing strategy is that it brings out quality prospects rather than just a huge number.

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Following are a few of the points which we have learned from our experience in international education. This could help you in creating effective marketing campaigns for your institutes.

Think like the students and their parents
Put yourself in their shoes. You need to use the medium of communications that appeal to them and talk their language. This campaign is about them and what they seek in a college. Hence, consider how you communicate with both target audiences.

Include your existing students
Your current students were once a prospect, so why not include them and get their inputs in creating recruitment strategies. Ask them specific questions such as why they chose your college, whether they’d recommend it to friends and what they like best about it. This will help you understand what makes your college standout and use that to engage other potential students. The best kind of PR is word of mouth publicity and this gives you a reason to involve your students to your advantage. Think of ways to engage them in your current student recruitment campaign by exploring the opportunities provided by mobile media, or by advertising recruitment events on their Facebook sites.

Identify and eliminate the barriers
Barriers can stop potential students from coming to your college. So, it is recommended that these are tackled proactively in your recruitment campaign. Make them aware of any benefits they are still entitled to and any facilities they can use.

Be bold and think out of the box
It is alright to depart from your corporate guidelines once in a while. Use different colors and typefaces and experiment with vibrant photography that is more hip and happening than the regular run-of-the-mill grind.

Rein in the power of social networking
Use your most enthusiastic students to maintain a moderated and controlled social network. In this digital age, a creative use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is imperative and needs to be a part of your education marketing strategy.

Don’t use stock photographs.
An authentic picture makes a positive impact, any day. In a good campaign, there’s no substitute for using photographs of real people of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnic backgrounds.

In the end, make sure that your marketing communication materials are designed in such a way that the course guide is engaging, inspiring, easy to navigate and full of useful information and case studies featuring real people. This will help create credibility of the college and sends the message across effectively to the prospects and their parents.