About the Brand

About the Brand

Staying true to its maxim – Create, Publish, Deliver – Hue has shaped up into the perfect marcom partner for universities around the world. Communicating to tens of thousands of prospective students around the world, Hue provides the best marketing communication with minimal effort on the client’s part. And Hue achieves all this while saving up to 50% of a university’s usual marcom costs.

Our Roots

The Rao Group of Companies is a leading overseas solutions company, dealing in international student recruitment, coaching, and immigration consulting in India. Having an association with nearly 200 universities in 10 around countries, with a very strong base in Asia, the Rao Group is well-placed in the international education sector. Having worked with international universities for upwards of a decade, they are the most trusted consultants in Western India.

In the year 2010, the Rao Group of Companies took another step to better serve the interests of their many partner universities around the world. What started then as Rao Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has now been rebranded as Hue Marcom Services Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered out of India, Hue provides customised marketing and communications solutions, saving up to 50% of the university’s marketing material cost. Hue prides itself in providing high-end design and printing options, warehousing services and global distribution solutions.


We aim to provide internationally competitive, innovative marketing and communication solutions at greatly reduced costs by utilizing local resources for your global needs.

Our promise

Our 360 degree services provide you with the highest quality of end-to-end solutions for your marketing communication needs. Hue aims to bring you creative communication solutions, delivered with ease and efficiency to the location you desire, while saving up to 50% of the cost.

A one-stop marcom shop

Universities opting for separate design, print and distribution vendors have to face a lot of hassles for their marcom needs which leads to the following issues:

  • Multiple vendors increase the amount of time invested in bringing them up to speed. This often results in unnecessary delays and often sees a drop in the quality delivered
  • Pointless effort is expended in following up on orders and designs. Third party printers more often than not need to be told exactly what needs to be done in terms of getting the design looking just right
  • A lot of information gets lost in communication leading to multiple changes. The information when passed from the designer to the customer to the printer often ends up losing a key ingredient which can later cause problems. Multiple levels of communication often leads to the message getting diluted
  • One of the biggest problem in third party distribution is the lack of flexibility and advanced planning that enables touring a relaxed experience. Each tour accompanies its own batch of designing and printing, not to mention its own distribution schedules often resulting in confusion and mistakes
  • Having the leisure to get the necessary marcom material delivered at different touring destinations on different dates, in the right quantity with minimal hassle

Marcom is a costly and time-consuming affair. Hue prides itself in making it cost-effective and efficient by combining designing, printing, warehousing and delivery services in one streamlined process.

We deliver anytime, anywhere

We provide customized solutions and offer suggestions on optimum utilization of funds allocated for marketing so as to effectively reach your target audience across the globe. Hue has an extensive warehousing service and an established global distribution system known the world over for its timely delivery. This is the cornerstone of our guarantee to deliver the quantity specified, where and when required.