helping you manage the reach with ease

helping you manage the reach with ease

Universities globally have severe marketing mechanisms in the foreign education section, which renders their global presence and maximisation of applicants for the same. The idea of education transcending across political or geographical borders has shifted the graph of growth in students applying for foreign universities. Arrangements like this could be shifted to the work front in the form of outsourcing the designing, printing and delivering of brochures for the market communication (Marcom) of the brand or the university concerned.

the changing scenario

According to the estimates of the coalition’s new industrial strategy for international education, the overseas students at universities hold the key spot in increasing the shift. International Education- Global Growth and Prosperity, launched on the 29th of July, estimates that international students contributed £ 6.3 billion in living expenses and £3.9 billion in tuition fees to the United Kingdom economy in 2011-12, the lion’s share of the £17.5 billion that education is thought to contribute overall. (Matthews, 2013)

The above article states the contribution of such endeavours has a huge share in the economy of these developing countries, due to which governments are emerging with new laws that encourage such educational migration. In order to rake in this share, universities have marketing teams which work for the designing, printing and delivery of brochures or pamphlets.

the labour

The cost of working the above strategy will cost more in the home grounds. Apart from this the hassles that follow are the lugging of the material everywhere a university representative goes and delivery of the material in proper condition.

why Hue?

We at Hue, have a one stop solution for the marketing of universities glob wide, with services like high standard printing products, timely delivery apart from designing them. We make the reach easy by providing a shortcut that takes care of the entire process hassle free. The perfect pitch at up to 50% less rates and delivery of the material in good condition, 24 hours prior is the best bargain for foreign universities looking to outsource their marketing actions.
With a strong base of students in china, India, Vietnam spread across Asia, Hue based in India channelizes the pitch in an effective and easy way.

outsourcing with us

As far as marketing communication goes, Hue has an efficient portal that allows clients from all over to order products in the most simple of ways. The website with its ordering features that allow you to make an order by selecting the material, content, language, etc. of the brochures.