Hue – The Journey So Far

Hue – The Journey So Far

Hue started out as a desire to fill a wide gap in the market of international marcom for universities around the world. However, this dream has quickly become a company of great repute and standing for the education institutions around the world.

Amit Rao, the Director of the Rao Group of Companies, in his regular dealings with universities and education institutions around the world, observed one disconcerting feature. The marcom material they had at their disposal was, simply put, not striking the right chord with the local students they hoped to attract. To add to it, the material was simply too expensive for the quality on offer. Stories abounded of how distribution of this marcom material for tours was often a logistical nightmare. There existed an intense requirement of streamlining the designing, printing and distribution of marcom material while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

His experience of working in the foreign education sector for upwards of a decade held Mr. Rao in good stead as he began laying the foundations of Hue in 2010, then called Rao Creative Solutions, or Rao Cresol. His intention, to set up a marketing communications company that will not only cut marcom costs for the clients, but also provide them with international standards of quality and service.


The Growth Story


With his goal established, Mr. Rao assembled a team of talented and driven young individuals. Their experience, energy and willingness to succeed were to become a key in Hue’s success in the future. The design team was a fine blend of experience and youth, bringing to the design a well-balanced aesthetic and clarity.

The client servicing team was hungry for international exposure and success. The production lines, warehousing services, distribution channels were well oiled and soon functioning with a time-tested ease. There was an immediate client interest in the wares that Hue had to offer.

In a short span, Hue raked up a client roster of upwards of 20 clients. Their specialization was in providing competitive and innovative marketing communication material at highly reduced costs by utilizing local resources for fulfilling global needs.


Headquarters Established


With such high interest in the company from education institutions around the world, plans were set in motion to consolidate the resources of the company at one prime location. Prahaladnagar, rapidly becoming the corporate hub of Ahmedabad was chosen as the location.

Hue today, functions out of the eleventh floor of the Pinnacle Business Park. The office easily accommodates the in-house design team, client servicing team, and executives. Clients visiting the offices were impressed with the highly utilitarian yet elegant spacing of the office, designed by the team themselves.

This has helped greatly in building faith among the clients in terms of the company’s credibility, and assured them that their marketing communication is in good hands.


The Team Expands


With every passing quarter the amount of work coming into the company increased, prompting a need to add new members to the team. The operations at the distribution and production levels needed experienced hands on deck, the addition of these team members boosted functioning and added a new zeal to the team.

A large amount of work beginning to come from USA, Australia and New Zealand, have also prompted plans for opening marketing operations offices there. Offices are also being contemplated in Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada.

These offices will act as the faces of Hue, and help build more direct relationships with the clients. Marcom requires a certain amount of real-time dealing with clients to build the trust necessary. This is exactly what Hue plans to do in the future.


Plans for the Future


Hue prides itself in providing a 360-degree marcom service with high standards of end-to-end solutions for all marketing needs while saving up to 50% of the client’s cost. Plans have been set in motion for setting up printing associations in China.

The benefit of having a technologically advanced print support as well as access to the market there will be an added incentive for the endeavor. This will also help reduce costs for the company, allowing Hue to provide better prices for the clients for an increased standard of quality. A win-win situation from all perspectives.

Hue has also been included in the list of companies of Australian trade for printing and distribution in India. A definite matter of pride, for it represents the amount of faith placed on this young company by the industry. It is a testimony of Hue’s adherence to quality and their ability to provide their clients the best deals and cost-effective marcom assistance.


A One-Stop Marcom Shop


Hue has made itself an indispensable partner for universities and colleges everywhere for their marcom designing, printing as well as distribution. By providing well-planned delivery schedules, updates and pre-production and warehousing facilities, Hue has been able to make the lives of many university representatives easier. The provision of not having to employ separate vendors for the various marcom tasks has made Hue a partner of choice.

Their state-of-the-art design studio supported by Mac computers, have the best technology in the industry and have some of the most cutting-edge software on them. This is in an effort to provide for the clients the best quality of design and detailing. The facility for online planning and distribution of marcom material is also available for clients. This helps in charting out the exact number of material required through the year and suggests the most economical printing plan for it as well as the easiest distribution pattern. With Hue’s able client servicing executives, the client is well taken care of and constantly advised on the best possible options for their printing and distribution needs.

There are many more horizons to conquer for Hue. The growth of this company is just getting started. An enthusiastic leadership, well-established and tested processes, an energetic team and an unswerving dedication to the highest standards of quality ensure a bright future for this company.