Huescape Updates for May 2019

Huescape Updates for May 2019

Hello there, as a new initiative we are now going to publish monthly blogs and newsletters on new features and updates with Huescape. We have an exciting set of new features and updates for the month of May 2019 to start with.

Here’s the summary of all May updates

Weekly Summary via Email

  • Shipments summary
  • Inventory summary

Inventory System Enhancements

  • Improve the current display of inventory
  • Segregated planned inventory
  • Highlighted low stocks
  • Visibility of Low Stocks on the dashboard

Security Review

  • Security audit for our servers

Weekly Summary to Clients via Email

These summary emails will be sent automatically to every Admin for your organisation on every Monday 12:00 AM. For US/Canada users that would be around 8 PM on Sunday and for Australian users it would be morning on Monday.

Shipments summary

The Shipments summary email will include a list of all created/updated shipments in last week with their destination, items with quantities, tracking details and their current delivery status.

An example of the email is given below –

We have also included some Key Insights based on the shipment status similar to what you see on the Dashboard in Huescape. When you click on these insights, you will redirect to the respective list of shipments for that status (make sure you are logged in for it to work).

Inventory summary

The Inventory summary email will also be sent around the same time. This email will include the list of all inventory items, their photos, SKU code, planned quantities and their current stock availability.

An example of the email is shown below –

Inventory Enhancements

Improve the current display of inventory

The inventory display has been improved with the addition of the subcategory and SKU code below the product, as highlighted in the image below .

We have also provided the tool-tip for Available Quantity and Planned Quantity, as highlighted in the image above.

Segregated planned inventory

We have segregated the Planned Inventory separately. You can see the list of all planned shipments under View button of the inventory. When you click on View button you can all the information about the stocks and a list of planned shipments and list of stock in-out records. The same is shown below:

Highlighted low stocks

When available quantity will be less than the Low Stock Threshold (set by your Key Account Managers), available and planned quantity of inventory will be highlighted as below:

For the above example, all the SKUs have Low Stock Threshold set to 500 quantity.

Low Stocks on the dashboard

The Low Stocks inventory list has been displayed in the dashboard, as shown below:

Security Review

In the fast changing landscape of Cloud Computing and the insurgency of security vulnerabilities, we recently updated all dependencies on our servers to their latest security releases. We have also re-audited our backup policy and firewall settings. You can rest assured that your data is safe on our enterprise-level data centers.

That’s all for this month! We hope that you enjoy these updates for the month. Please send us your feedback to

See you next month!