Salient Features

Salient Features

Huescape is designed so as to reduce the efforts on the part of the universities and executives when it comes to placing orders for printing and delivery of marcom material. Designed for ease of use and with easy to follow instruction, Huescape provides you with a perfect canvas to design your marcom campaign. Supported ably by a well-trained and highly experienced staff, Huescape becomes your one-stop shop to completely cater to your marcom needs.

  • Login ID and password for easy access to the order portal
  • Place delivery orders by simply selecting the requisite options on the form
  • See the regularly updated stock of printed materials
  • The portal is enabled with history settings which save your preferred orders, delivery destinations and addresses
  • Once you have fed the requirements on the portal, our executives will get in touch with you within 24 hours
  • Based on the information entered in the form, we also provide customized solutions and suggestions to our clients to reduce unnecessary costs
  • Tracking details of each order will be sent regularly to the client via email
  • A notification reaches the client once the delivery is successfully accomplished

Huescape operates upon the idea that marketing communication for universities is something that does not require multiple vendors to make the process effective. This heavily cuts down the expenses usually incurred. By rolling into one the design, print and distribution process, Hue has constructed one of the best marcom support systems for universities around the globe.

State-of-the-art Technology

Built on one of the best interfaces possible, it provides an incomparable ease of use coupled with high security and personalized information. Our trouble-shooters are around 24×7 to ensure that the system is bug free and is operating at optimum capacity.

Pocket Friendly

Huescape not only provides you with a portal so as to place orders, it also suggests you permutation and combination of materials as well as order quantity so as to provide you with the most economic option. Ordering a larger quantity, in cases of certain marcom materials, is a more cost-effective option than ordering them piecemeal.


Tracking deliveries often used to take up a lot of the time of touring university representatives, but not anymore. With Huescape, you no longer have to keep a track of your delivery, regular email notifications will instead keep you well abreast of the progress of your delivery.

After Delivery Notification

In case of delivering material in locations where the receiver is yet to arrive, for example when delivering material at a hotel where a university representative is supposed to stay, often entails a certain amount of risk. With Huescape, you get a notification after delivery, allowing you to make suitable arrangements at the location of delivery for someone to receive it.