At Hue, our global distribution services assist our clients in eliminating the administrative burdens of processing and tracking large purchase orders, packing lists, invoice statements et cetera. We pride ourselves in giving you the fastest mailing solutions.

Our highly efficient freight management team ensures that your material reaches your desired destination on time with minimal effort on your part. The warehoused marcom material only needs the date, time and quantity of the delivery to be delivered and it reaches the destination glitch free.

Thanks to our customized mailing solutions, time sensitive shipping services, and world class packaging materials, our packaging experts take care that your delivery is error-free and punctual. More importantly, thanks to Hue’s hard case packaging, the contents of the delivery are undisturbed and reach the client absolutely wrinkle free.

At Hue, we also provide our clients with multiple, personalized shipping options as per the itinerary of the client. Consider that you have an exhibition, enter the date and time of your arrival along with your hotel and room number, and the material will reach there a day before you. If you have a series of exhibitions in different locations, you can enter all of them along with the dates and the delivery will reach at those locations at the time you specified.

Hue delivers exactly where you want and when you want it. Thanks to our incredibly specific global delivery solutions and associations with world’s best and trusted carriers, we make sure that the deliveries reach the specified destination.

We provide a global distribution system wherein you can place your print orders online as well as track their delivery status online. This saves on a vast amount of resources for our clients.


One of the biggest hassles in distribution is ensuring the safe passage of all your fragile marcom material. It is hardly a good impression presenting a creased brochure to a prospective student. With its to-the-size packaging, using corrugated cardboard sheets, the Hue team ensures that there reduces the chances of wear and tear.

The material is further sheathed in bubble-wrap and foam sheets, wherever necessary, to ensure that there is no disturbance to the material even if the flight is a little turbulent. Finally high-quality adhesive tape and glue is used to tie up this package. Non-tearable address stickers of the highest quality strategically stuck on the sides of the package ensure it is delivered where it is intended to.

Signage such as fragile, recyclable, priority overnight, quality checked, keep dry, this side-up, among others ensure that there is not even the slightest misconception on how the material is to be handled.