You can place your orders with our portal, Huescape, for all your printing and delivery needs around the year. Bulk printing helps in massive savings on cost and delivery time. The printing, as we know, gets cheaper when you print in bulk. Since the material gets ready for future demands as well, all we need to do is, ship it to the destination on your orders. Having warehousing bases across Asia, the printed orders are stored at our warehouses, ready to be shipped on demand, where requested.

Warehousing printed material is a service much needed for cost-effective mass-distribution and printing. It provides you, with the option of advance printing and customized distribution facilities.

Moreover, timely printing and careful storage also reduces the cost and makes the printing process far more effective. Also, our hard packaging and international standards of warehousing take care that your material stays unblemished. This also allows you to control the time of delivery and plan longer in terms of your tours and marketing campaigns.

The material is designed and printed at our stations and is either shipped or warehoused. Whenever you wish to use the material stored, all you have to do is give us an order to ship it. We aim to make the process of order placement, printing and distribution of marcom material more streamlined, helping organisations adopt more dynamic marketing practices.

Warehousing the material with Hue helps the universities incur only a one-time cost of printing in lieu of the guaranteed demand they will have for marcom material. Not only is the safe storage of all the products ensured with Hue, it also helps with the ultimate distribution of said products.

Hue charts for you a simple and effective way to manage all complex print production across your network while allowing you complete autonomy over production, distribution and storage.