Case Studies

Case Studies
Distribution Service

Client: University Of Tampa

Service Offered: Printing and Customized Distribution

Work Order

Product: Four Panel Brochure

Size: Open Size: 23.6 X 10 Inches, Close Size: 6 X 10 Inches


  • Aqueous Coating
  • L Perforation
  • 5 Color Job
  • 3 Pantone Shades to be matched during print job
  • Adherence to ISO Printing Standards

Quantity: 10,000

Costing: Brochures printed for as low as 30¢ each.

Shipping Job: The client required delivery to around 1,500 individual addresses of prospective students.


1. Packaging each brochure individually for 1,500 brochures.

2. Student data having been purchased form a data hub, was incomplete or outdated and required filtering of data to avoid unnecessary movement of brochures to incomplete or wrong addresses.

3. 30% of the data was addressed to very remote locations of Southern and Central India. These addresses were not served by our global shipping partner, Fedex. Delivering to such destinations was almost a 100 times more expensive in comparison to the locations they serve.

4. Manage tracking of such huge number (100 brochures a day) of shipments every day.

5. As 35% of data was incorrect or invalid another major task was answering FedEx query mails and calls for such a huge number. Return shipment was to be avoided as it became an additional cost.

6. Confirming delivery of brochures to the students and giving confirmatory data to clients.

Our Response

1. First, our freight management team went ahead and filtered and authenticated all the data. Incomplete data was retrieved and filled up.

2. Our team created a template to print multiple addresses, in one go over sticker sheets, allowing us to create thousands of address labels with just a click.

3. We designed a special service package along with our shipping partner, FedEx, to deliver the brochures to the remote areas at a very cost-effective rate.

4. We assigned dedicated team to track the movement of all the 1,500 brochures, answer queries for correction of addresses or alternate addresses.

5. To avoid cost of return freight, we ensured proper disposal of the brochures on-location if undelivered after three attempts as the cost of brochures was far less than the cost of delivering it and the return cost was undoubtedly an added cost.

6. We provided a sheet to our clients to check the delivered shipments with proof of delivery.
Client is Happy About:

  • Saving their time and efforts for such an intricate level of customized shipping.
  • Not having to deal with the cumbersome process of shipment and tracking.
  • No data maintenance on their end.
  • Being able to generate leads by reaching out to such a widespread network of students especially in such remote locations of India where even other international universities are unable to reach out to prospective students.
Print Service

Client: Newton College of Business and Technology

Service Offered: Printing and Distribution
Work Order

Product: Four Panel Brochure

Size: Open Size: 15.59 x 16.53 Inches, Close Size: 3.89 x 8.26 Inches


  • Matte Lamination (Both Sides)
  • Slit in center of the brochure of 200 mm length, leaving 100 mm on both sides
  • Adherence to ISO Printing Standards

Quantity: 5,000

Costing: Brochures printed for as low as 25¢ each.


1. Client wanted to print their brochure in a unique fashion to stand out from other institute’s marketing materials stacked up at agent offices. They wanted to print the brochure to give it a book-like feel but when opened, a large poster format to make an impact.

2. The design itself presented several challenges. Multiple folds would tear thin paper at the creases, thus decreasing its shelf life, but thicker paper would make multiple folds look ugly.

3. Time and budget were an important consideration. Considering the unique design, setting up a dummy copy for approval required a minimum of 15-20 days. This presented the challenge to deliver within the time constraint without compromising on the unique requirements.
Our Response

1. We coordinated with their design team to get a clear understanding of their requirement and unique design.

2. After a thorough understanding of their design, our team worked on several options for paper samples to recreate their vision without compromising on long shelf life.

3. We opted for express shipment of the dummy to take quick approval for mass production.

4. We even suggested lamination on both sides to save paper from losing fall and texture after multiple folding, yet staying within the budget.

5. We printed 5,000 brochures in a turnaround time of 5 days and released it for distribution to multiple destinations.
Client is Happy About:

  • Our competitive quotes. Printing in New Zealand is a costly affair.
  • Our well-timed coordination with designing and marketing team, and considering the unique requirements, our quote was matched by none. Remote management of the project despite working with a company based so many miles away in India.
  • Quick demo proof and approval process.
  • Quality assurance of all 5,000 pieces as per their guidelines.