Do I have to choose all your services or can I choose any as per my immediate requirements?

You can choose our services in the following manner:
a) Only designing
b) Only merchandise
c) Only printing, warehousing and distribution
d) Designing, printing, warehousing and distribution all together. Of all the options, in most cases, this will be the most cost-effective solution for you.

How do you manage bulk movement of materials in a cost-effective manner for both domestic as well as international?

We suggest bulk movement of material through sea mail services as it is more cost-effective; however it can be time consuming. At Hue, we have special services and rates for bulk shipments to international destinations which will save both your time and money. For domestic shipments, road transportation is the best means for shipping bulk packages.
How do we do proofing?

We suggest ordering a proof print prior to placing your final order, especially if you are ordering large prints or prints in quantity. A proof is a print designed to demonstrate both the quality of the file and the accuracy of our printing based on your instructions or a guide or the original. Proof prints will be printed “full-frame”, which means that all the images will show. The opposite of “full-frame” is “cropped”, which means that some of the image area will be cut off to match the proportions of the ordered image.
We keep a copy on-file of all proof prints sent to our customers. You do not need to return your proof. Once you receive your proof, simply call us to discuss how to proceed. If changes are desired, we can easily discuss those changes over the phone.

Is it mandatory for me to order through the portal?

No, it is not mandatory for our clients to order through our portal. Clients can always opt for alternative means such as email and phone. However, we would always recommend our clients to use our portal, Huescape, for placing and managing orders.
How would you manage last minute printing and shipping requests?

We have a special team that handles last minute orders and special services, at an additional charge. We, at Hue, make sure that we achieve our deadlines when assigned any task.
Do you consult us for services offered?

Yes, we always consult our clients for any kind of job awarded to us; our main aim is to work towards our client’s goals and in achieving the best possible output, which is finished to perfection and within the client’s budget.
How can I be assured about printing quality?

We provide a complete set of pre-press proofs before the job is initiated for printing. Your final job will not be printed until you have approved the pre-press proofs.
What if we are not happy with quality?

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure each and every job is carried out with utmost care and professionalism. We give a go-ahead to any job, only after final approval is received from the client’s end. However, if under any circumstances you feel that the job was not carried out as per instructions you can get in touch with our quality assurance team either through email or phone and your grievances will be attended to promptly.

Are FSC papers more expensive than normal papers?

There are three types of FSC certified paper available in the market – 100%, Recycled and Mix. The price differential for each of these category varies. The cost for FSC 100% paper (which is developed from responsibly-sourced virgin fibers) is approximately three times higher than regular paper, whereas FSC Recycled and FSC Mix papers (produced largely from verified post-consumer and post-industrial fibers) tend to cost roughly the same as uncertified recycled paper.
How do you deal with customs and duties?

Our logistics team takes care of all the international shipments very carefully while keeping in mind all the custom duties and clearance parameters. Custom duties and taxes depend on the content of the shipment and the destination country. Almost all shipments crossing international borders are subject to the assessment of duties and taxes imposed by the importing countries government.
What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment through debit card, credit card, cheque or via online transfer.
Once I place my order, how much time will you take to finish it?

Jobs can be completed in hours and some jobs may take days. The turnaround time of completing a particular job will be determined by the type of job and the quantity. However, we go to great lengths to finish every project on time regardless of how stringent the deadlines are.
What formats of files are accepted?

Our studio’s workstations are equipped with most universally-used softwares for content and graphics. You can view the list of these file formats here.
What is your minimum order quantity? Explain why?

It varies from product to product, nevertheless we would always respond to your query. However, in offset printing the higher the quantity you get printed the lower the cost per unit goes. Therefore, we always recommend bulk printing rather than small quantity of print jobs.
Can you take up jobs in different languages?

Yes, we can print in any language that you provide the files for. Sometimes, we print the same book in two languages by creating a black plate change for the text. This way both books can be delivered at the same time.
Do you also do digital printing? When do you recommend digital printing?

Yes, we do digital printing as well. As a rule of thumb, we always recommended digital printing when you are printing less than 1,000 copies, however it may not apply to all print jobs.