Creates digital, print-ready designs, content as well as strategy.
Prints primary and secondary collateral on all surfaces, in all shapes and sizes.
Provides and customizes Merchandise and gift items.
Provides Free Warehousing and customized Packaging services.
Delivers marcom material globally using multiple logistics partners.
Gives you Huescape, a single portal to manage all your orders, reports, invoicing and inventory.
And saves 70% of your costs!

What We Do

University Marcom Partner


Marcom, or marketing communication, is the cornerstone of every global education institution’s bid to attract international students. Hue, with decades of experience in international education marketing, helps universities, colleges and institutes around the world do just that.


The company understands the demands and deadlines of marketing in the field of international education. It is this knowledge and experience that helps Hue provide you the best possible standards of product and customer service. In this business one size definitely does not fit all. With this understanding in mind Hue provides customized solutions to each client to help save cost, time and effort, without compromising on quality.

Hue’s Journey

Born from a legacy of international education, Hue began in 2010 as Rao Creative Solutions.


The company found root in the mind and heart of its promoter, Mr. Amit Rao, during one of his frequent interactions with international universities. An intrepid business mind, Mr. Rao quickly came to grips with the issues a university faces with regards to marketing.


And so began Hue’s journey.


Headquartered in Gujarat’s financial capital, Ahmedabad, overlooking the city skyline, Hue has established itself in the spacious niche of university marcom. The company, today, works with over 250 colleges around the world and delivered them with a 99% success rate.


With new clients being added every day, Hue continues to grow from strength to strength.

Hue Cares

Environmental sustainability is a very important part of all the processes and operations at Hue.


The company makes it a point to address environmental concerns at every step. Hue uses only FSC certified papers, unless the client specifically requests a particular brand. All the packaging boxes are also made from FSC certified paper. The inks used are non-chemical based and Hue even offers the option of non-bleached papers, among others.


All of Hue’s printing operations are carried out on machines with a five-star rating to ensure that the printing is carried out with minimal possible carbon emission. All the logistics partners Hue works with follow earth-smart policies for their shipping services.


We go the extra mile to manage the carbon footprint of every client working with Hue.


Stringent safety and sustainability measures ensure that all the services are executed without a hitch. The safety of the
employees, within Hue and its vendors, is of prime importance to Hue.


All warehousing and printing personnel are regularly updated about norms and processes and all the Hue facilities have state-of-the-art safety features. The company ensures that there is no child labor being employed at any stage of any service the company, or its vendors, provide.


The company understands the importance of work-life balance and diversity and actively works to embrace these values in its functioning. It is this attitude of going above and beyond in service of our client as well as the earth that sets Hue apart.


With Hue, quality is never merely lip service. The company’s extensive list of certifications gives credence to their promise of delivering only the highest standards.

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System

Colour Management
ISO 12647-2

Programme for the Endorsement
of Forest Certification (PEFC) –

Forest Stewardship Council

CO2 Neutral Heidelberg