Gifting is something that never goes out of fashion. The challenge, however, is to find the right gift. Hue presents a range of durable, aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost-effective gifts for everyone from CEO’s, university representatives to students.


This is no longer the age of off-the-shelf gifting; the personal touch is all that counts. Customized merchandise, personalized gifting, designed to the client’s specifications, are Hue’s specialty. Hue, with a long-standing association with the education sector, understands the variety and range that universities need in their merchandise inventory.

Keeping this in mind, Hue has created three separate ranges of merchandise options for you:


Premium  |  Executive  |  Student 

Our Process

Merchandise is of no point unless it is customized for the client and provides an aesthetic and functional use for the end-user. This understanding forms the cornerstone of merchandising with Hue. Every item gifted becomes a representation of the brand that has gifted it, a fact that makes merchandising as tricky as it is effective. Here is where Hue’s processes help you make the right choice.

Presenting Options
Quality Check

Our Capabilities

Hue provides a select range of merchandise options keeping in mind products that are most useful and aspirational among the target audience. The products are divided in three segments for universities to better pick and choose items that best suit their requirements. These three segments in coupling with Hue’s unparalleled customizing abilities give an idea of the company’s capabilities.


Make yourself familiar with one of the most exclusive merchandise ranges available for universities. Pick from a carefully selected range of branded, and highly sought after products in the market today. These premium gifting options are a symbol of the sheer exclusivity of the items, amply reflecting the relationship you share with those receiving these gifts.


Trolley Bags | Laptop Sleeves | Power Banks | Smart Bands | Lamps | Digital Clocks | And many more!


Imagine having to give your agents a gift that not only shows them how important they are to you, but also to make sure it is as attractive as it is functional. Hue understands this dilemma perfectly. Dive into an incredible range of finely crafted, highly utilitarian items, the perfect combination of class and efficacy.


Executive Planners | Bluetooth Speakers | Leather Bags | Tee Shirts | Passport Wallets | Travel Mugs | And many more!


The students of any educational institution are their de facto brand ambassadors. It is imperative to arm them with high-quality, well-made and incredibly functional merchandise solutions. Find some of the most trending student gifting options with Hue.


Bookmarks  |  Pens  |  Wrist Bands  |  Fidget Spinners  |  Highlighters  | Tote Bags  |  Mobile Pop Sockets |  And many more!


  • Hue provides completely personalized merchandise deliveries whenever required.
  • Personalized designs and merchandise items can also be created on request.
  • Each merchandise option is branded with your logo and name for easy brand recognition.
  • Any premium merchandise you require can be ordered at base rates, to give you a wide range of options.
  • You can bulk order merchandise for distribution, throughout the year, to save on costs.