With Hue you never have to be worried about finding the best shipping deal. Multiple, ISO standard logistics partners help you customize delivery options to best fit client requirements. Nearly a decade in the business has made Hue familiar with shipping and custom rules of even the remotest university target markets. Delivering over 5000 orders to 144 countries every year, Hue provides seamless delivery and tracking.


Hue’s intention is simple – to ensure your deliveries reach where you want, when you want.


The deliveries are planned to reach your target destination before you do and the schedule is created keeping this in mind. The key account managers track the deliveries manually as well and even take confirmations of receipt from end destinations. Any custom delays are handled by Hue’s logistics team with regular updates being sent to the clients.


The shipping process has been simplified and turned into a seamless, hassle-free experience for universities around the world.

Our Process

Creating a thoroughly trackable shipping system, using multiple logistics partners in order to get the best rates possible, is a tough ask. Hue, however, has done just that. There is a simple means of understanding what happens to your shipment once it leaves the printer. A simple but efficient process explains just that.

Quality Check

Our Capabilities

If the shipment gets subjected to extra documentation or queries, Hue deals with the same on your behalf.


In case the shipment gets levied extra customs duty, Hue pays the same on your behalf and charges you the same amount later, without any extra/hidden charges.


Hue understands the custom rules of all your target countries. This helps them identify where a certain weight category of shipment might face trouble. This is why we split shipments to better facilitate smooth deliveries.


Hue customizes mailing solutions depending upon the urgency and destination the shipment needs to reach, to give you greatest cost-efficiency and timeliness.


If you are sending materials to an exhibition or fair, your boxes will have the respective labeling, even if not instructed.


Hue organizes shipments to ensure that all your packages reach their final destination at least 2 days prior to their deadline.


Every delivery is followed by a complimentary call confirmation by the Hue team. They take confirmation from the receiver, or about the movements of the shipment, to give you exact updates at every stage.


  • Custom delivery solutions ensure that you are getting the best deals in terms of cost and time-efficiency.
  • Huescape ensures that you have a pleasant user experience when ordering or tracking your shipment.
  • Your key account manager will always be available on Skype, email or call.
  • Hue has delivered to some of the biggest and remotest target student markets.