The hallmark of a successful marketing communication partner is a simplified, automated process, with ample fail-safes. Hue’s portal, Huescape, becomes the perfect canvas to create your marketing communication plan.


You can place orders with a single click, keep a track of your inventory, or even take stock of all the material ordered by your team members. The portal creates detailed reports, filtered according to fields, to give you a comprehensive overview of your spending.


Huescape enables you with an intuitive navigation that makes all your ordering, tracking and invoicing procedures easier than ever. With manual fail-safes at critical stages, Huescape is an efficient way to manage your marcom.

Our Process

Huescape follows a highly intuitive navigation. Order placement, be it shipment or production, tracking, or even receiving reports, is smarter than ever. Unlike other portals, Huescape understands your priorities and presents you operation options accordingly through a simple processes menu.

Work Orders
Address Book

Our Capabilities

All tracking and production updates are emailed directly to the responsible user and admin.


There are manual fail-safes at all essential points to make this a smooth experience for the users.


There is a secure payment gateway for all transactions.


The portal is regularly serviced and protected with numerous protocols to ensure that your data is always safe.


Your schedule is completely under your control. On top of it, your key account manager will also keep you updated via email, Skype, or even WhatsApp.


  • Get a comprehensive overview of your marketing communication planning
  • Regular updates through email notifications as well as Huescape notifications
  • Manual-fail safes at every pivotal step on Huescape
  • Multiple user login from executive to admin levels
  • Access to virtual warehouse with live stock
  • Live status of all orders approved and shipped
  • Live tracking of all shipments on your dashboard
  • Push notifications for status of orders and delivery
  • Automated reports on your invoice
  • Automated reports on your recruitment activities and expenses
  • Details of all the activities from every login, including admin
  • Provision to import addresses and other data through PDF or CLV files
  • Remarks section to provide/upload additional information when placing orders