5 Ways To Make Your University’s Stall Remarkable

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5 Ways To Make Your University’s Stall Remarkable

Exhibitions and fairs are one of the biggest marketing opportunities for universities looking to promote themselves among the international student market. Held in cities around the world, and predominantly Asia, these education fairs and exhibitions see a vast concentration of students aspiring to study abroad. However, competition is correspondingly thick and it can often get difficult to be noticed among the throng of universities, institutes and colleges vying for the students’ attention. Even when you know that you have all the goods, in terms of a brilliant course, great teachers, and an exciting campus culture, not getting the right amount of attention at your stall can take a lot away from your marketing efforts.

Having a stall that not only attracts a student but also provides relevant engagement and encourages a conversation is an essential to a university or college’s marketing plan.

Here are some ways that you can make your stall more attractive for students:

Work with the visuals:

Let’s face it, the first impression of a stall is always visual. A university stall that seems dull and listless will, on most occasions, see less traffic than one that commands a presence. Use colors to your advantage, while it may be hard to imagine a law school with splash of blue and red that is exactly what a designer is paid to do. Incorporate design elements that are not only visually attractive but also representative of the institute and the values it adheres to. This makes for a compelling visual argument and more often than not attracts the student over.

Get tech-savvy:

Students of the internet powered world are not easily impressed. It is not to say that put on a laser show at your stall, but it can’t hurt to invest in a high quality projector and include a presentation screen on the stall walls. An engineering institute with poorly utilized technology at the stall itself does not make for a very impressive statement. Make sure that your representatives are well versed in the use of the technology you are to use, be it a projector, a presentation or even simply using web based tools. A stall that does not skimp on using technology to send across their message almost always gets the message across.

Give the students something:

While giveaways might sound like the oldest cliché in the book, it is there for a reason. A gift that serves a purpose while sending the message you intend across, is something that will not only be cherished but also help make a brilliant impression of the university. Something as simple as a keychain, or a pen could work very well if designed in a manner that would achieve the dual purpose of a chic utilitarian aesthetic and the university’s branding.

Keep some food and drink for the students:

Education fairs and exhibitions can be tiring affairs, not only for the representatives but for a truly interested student as well. Offering students that come up to your stall something as simple as a drink of water or a power-bar, can not only send across a very good message about your university or college but also give you the window to have a serious conversation with potential students.

Cut through the clutter:

A university stall at a fair is surrounded by competition, in a situation like this the only way to make the most of the audience it is important to have elements in your stall that simply seek attention. It does not have to be gaudy or garish, something as simple as a well-thought out design could be enough. Fairs are all about demanding the attention of the students, and for this it is important to understand what a student is attracted to. It is this understanding that can help your stall cut through the clutter at most education fairs and events.

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