5 Reasons Why Giveaways Can Be Your Best Promotional Tool

5 Reasons Why Giveaways Can Be Your Best Promotional Tool

5 Reasons Why Giveaways Can Be Your Best Promotional Tool

Recruitment fairs are often saturated with competitors and choc full of promotional material of variety of types. At times like these it gets difficult, if not nigh impossible, for a regular Joe to remember any specific brand at the top of their head.  The best kind of promotion is in the form of a gift that has a utilitarian value as well as sound aesthetic. There is also a great merit in gifting something of purely aesthetic value as a memoir. However, this is not something that is too plausible for recruitment fairs.

With changing times the idea of promotional material or merchandising, too has changed. Where once customized pens and diaries ruled the roost we have monogrammed USB drives and seeded download cards. But a free product does not necessarily have to be a cost; it can just as well become a memorable reminder of a brand.


Here are five reasons giveaways are a sure-shot hit at recruitment fairs:

Everybody likes a gift

Let’s face it nobody looks a gift horse in the mouth, especially at recruitment fairs. Especially if the gift horse looks something like the merchandise we provide at HUE. Giveaways give your brand the perfect promotion not only in terms of the end user but the many who witness him using it.

Memory is an incredible tool

Marketing and promotion is all about making space in the already cluttered minds of your target audience. What better way to break the clutter than to give them something they will use on a regular basis, or see on a regular basis? Giveaways make sure that your brand always stays on the mind of your target audience.

The quality of your giveaway reflects on the quality of your brand

This, while being an extremely dangerous argument against giveaways, is also a significant plus point if used wisely. A good, well-crafted giveaway can reflect very well on the brand that gifted it in the first place. It shows the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence above any thing else. Always the kind of promotion any brand would want.

Never out of fashion

There has never come a time in the history of mankind, nor will there ever come such a day when gifts will be denied. Giveaways will always be an integral part of your marketing and promotional arsenal, using them wisely can be the difference between a good and a bad campaign.

The giveaway talks about your brand

One of the best features of a giveaway is that there are absolutely no expectations out of it. Each brand can design a product that is unique to them and make sure it speaks of the brand. Be it a business school which gives out custom designed notepads inscribed with the words of business leaders, or that hospitality school which gives an easy to carry knapsack that says ‘always keep moving, always keep learning’, each brand can make sure they speak through these giveaways.

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