Tips to Choose Promotional Merchandise for 2020

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Tips to Choose Promotional Merchandise for 2020

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused an upheaval in corporate circles around the world. But with businesses returning back to office, and normalcy being restored, companies are looking for solutions to not only grow their business but also boost the morale of their teams.

With Christmas around the corner, and the New Year just in the offing, it is time that brands take a close look at how they are going to be approaching the coming months in terms of promotions, external and internal.

Consider this, a PPAI study points that 94% of people who receive a promotional product remember when they received a promotional product. 89% of people remember the brand that gave them such a product. More importantly, promotional products saw an amazing 500% more referrals as compared to any other promotional channel.

With the times as uncertain as they are, your employees and clients are looking for reassurance, and a reason to smile. It is here that the role of promotional merchandise and corporate gifting assumes an altogether different level of importance.

Here are some crucial points to keep in mind when choosing the ideal gifting solutions for 2020:


Not just in words, but also actions, empathy has become a crucial aspect of communication today. If you are planning on giving something to your staff, make sure that it is emphasizing just how much you care about them and their wellbeing. Something as simple as a ‘Hope You’re Doing Well’ card could also communicated how much you care about your employees. For employees that are coming back to office a COVID care kit with a personalized card could also work as a great way to ensure they stay safe.

Anti Covid Key, Hand Sanitizer, N95 Mask Nitrile Gloves, Covid-19, Dooropener


It is a simple logic, your merchandise is the perfect representation of your brand. It is important thus that you choose giveaways that match the quality and class that your brand represents. Your target audience is judging you from the quality of your merchandise, make sure that they remember all the right things. Take the example of a simple sipper bottle, there are a number of varieties out there in the market, choosing the quality that fits into your budget becomes the most important question.

Water Bottle, Empathy, Insulated water bottle


There is no sense in giving something merely for the sake of giving a gift. Customers today are an astute lot. With hours spent browsing social media they are well aware of trends. Keep up with their aspirations and give them items they need. It is not enough to give a USB stick anymore, but a USB stick that is also a classy pen is a different story altogether.

Functionality, Diary, Chargeable diary, Pen, coffee, goggles,



Work from home is a reality of our times. With this comes an ever increasing dependency on gadgets and electronics to make sure that there is business continuity at every level. One of the most important giveaway items in this day and age is something that will help your employee, or even your client, function more effectively from home. For this reason we have selected a whole range of electronic products like earphones/headphones, powerbanks, speakers, watches, desk-clocks, lamps etc. And all of these with customization possibilities makes for a great gift for your employees.

Electronics Speaker, buds, hearphones


Eco Friendly Items

We live in world where environmental awareness is on the rise. Sharing eco-friendly merchandise with your team can be a great way to ensure that you are sending out the right message to your team and stakeholders. At Hue, we believe that there is nothing more important than ensuring our planet stays safe. With this in mind we have a wide but carefully curated selection of eco-friendly products. Right from bags, to writing equipment to drinkware to cutlery, these eco-friendly products are not only great to look at and functional but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Cutlery



Event giveaways, or merchandise meant for internal distribution often needs detailed customization. It is important to give your stakeholders a high level of quality, coupled with personalization this elevates the standard of gifting greatly. Imagine gifting your staff across the world, getting kits branded with your new logo the moment they reach office. The kits include everything from diaries to name tags to coasters and mugs, among other things, all personalized to the individual they are going to. It is this level of customization that gets brands noticed.

Jute bag, eco-friendly

At Hue, we give all our clients a range of merchandise options divided under three segments:

Premium | Executive | Standard

The idea is to have a select list of merchandise options depending upon the varied requirements of brands and their target audience around the world.

Merchandising can be a cost-intensive activity. To do so without taking the trends in account could mean having a lot of something thoroughly unwanted. Find the most trendsetting merchandise and swag options with Hue!

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