Exotic Treats to Light up your Taste-Buds This Diwali

Diwali Gifting Trends

Exotic Treats to Light up your Taste-Buds This Diwali

Diwali is just round the corner, and it is time to leave all worries behind and have a blast. With everything that’s happening in the world, it is even more important to welcome hope and brightness with open arms. Though Diwali may be slightly different this time, we can still dress up in new clothes, light up our houses as well as pray and bless. More importantly, it is time to make your dear ones smile with gifts of love and happiness.

This year, shopping is likely to be slightly different as well. According to Forrester, online sales are expected to be nearly $6.5 billion, a 34% increase as compared to the previous year. The report said the number of online shoppers will be around 60 million.

This spike in numbers is largely because people are still worried about shopping in physical stores and malls. With this in mind, it is understandable that gifting solutions can take up a good chunk of online shopping this festive season. From apparel to electronics gifting options are innumerable. Customized items, like always, are very popular this season as well.

Among all gifting options, however, one item that has always been in vogue during the festive season is sweets!

Catering to Indian culture and its inherent sweet-tooth, chocolates and mithai are still the go-to gift for many. Not surprisingly, the revenue of the Indian confectionery segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% for the period of 2019-2023.

Sweets are also a major part of Diwali festivities in India. Besides, even if gourmet chocolates, laddoos and kaju-katlis are your preference, there are some truly innovative choices in the market today.

Exotic Sweets

Everyone is craving fusion cuisine these days, and the same goes for sweets as well. The taste of a different culture but still appeasing the Indian palate, these sweets and desserts can make for some pretty thoughtful gifts.


Exotic Turkish delights, baklavas, kiwi and avocado barfis, and chocolate gujiyas are just some of the shelf-stable sweets you can go for. Other sweets in trend are the likes of sweet ravioli with rabri, gulab-jamum cake, fruit-flavored mishti doi, apple jalebis, cupcakes and muffins, parfaits with local flavors and many more. These are sure to leave the receiver craving for more. However, some of them might not be shelf-stable and in such case you may need to find options that can be transported without fear of them spoiling.

Coffee & Cookies

It’s a buyer’s market if you are looking at cookies and shortbread packs. Always a favorite among kids and adults, cookies are an irresistible treat. Create a gift kit with several flavors of cookies, add in a jar of premium quality coffee beans and you have yourself a perfect gift kit.

Diwali Gifting Trends

You can opt for a wide range of flavors from cranberry to choco-filled biscuits to the all-time favorite butter shortbread. A pack of instant hot chocolate mix or flavored teas also go well here.

Dry-Fruits & Nuts

Perfect for shipping across long distances and one of the healthiest edible-gifting choices, dry-fruit and nut baskets can be a really convenient yet thoughtful gift. Naturally dried fruits are rich in micro-nutrients and antioxidants and can be energy-filled snacks.

Diwali Gifting Trends

These days candied fruits have become a preferred option as well. Kiwi, plums, apricots, bananas, all kinds of berries, mangoes, jackfruits and even dragon-fruit are available in their dehydrated form today. Nuts, roasted or otherwise, are delicious treats for adults and children alike. You can’t miss with a gift of dry-fruits and nuts.


Personalized chocolate boxes are the perfect gift for most occasions. It can be your family, friends, clients or employees, the combination of chocolate goodness merged with thoughtful personalization is definitely going to make an impression.

Diwali Gifting Trends

Among this, dark-chocolate truffles are a sensational choice. These days you have umpteen choices right from a high-end selection of international brands or a mixed array of homemade chocolates. You may also like to look at liquor-filled chocolates and scotch caramels, if you are so inclined, rich in flavor and feel, they make for wonderful gifts this season.

Juices & Drinks

A pack of fresh juice mixes, squashes, jams, and jellies always make for tasty gifts. You can also pick some unique blends of organic fruit juice powders and instant flavored drinks to create a delicious yet healthy hamper. You can also choose from a number of yummy protein shake powders and energy drinks available in the market.

Diwali Gifting Trends

If you want to go for a celebratory feel, you can also gift a good bottle of wine or champagne. Combine this with a set of glasses, expensive crystal or just quality wine-glasses and voila, you have a tasteful festive gift.

Immunity Wellness

Immunity-boosting food hampers are becoming quite popular and can be a great way to show that you care. Besides, nuts and seeds, sugar-free sweets, spice-infused dark chocolates, herbal teas, energy bars and trail mixes could all be a part of this kit.

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If you want to go for a sweet and savory mix, roasted snacks, protein-rich munchies are the way to go. Fermented foods and pickles like kimchi, sauerkraut, vinegar-based pickles and cucumbers too are becoming quite popular for their health benefits.


Whatever the gift might be, packaging plays an important role in making it interesting. Instead of plastic, go for a more eco-friendly packaging. Cute satin bags are chic way to pack nuts and crackers or large cookies. You even have the option of going for the much-in-vogue mason glass jars that are durable and come in many shapes and sizes. They are perfect for cookies, chocolates or pickles and can also be personalized using specially made stickers. You can go for beautiful hand-crafted recyclable boxes for sweets and chocolates.

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The most important part of gifting is customization of the pack, this just goes to increase the overall recall value of a good gift. Psychological effect of a gift cannot be dismissed as it creates the first impression on the receivers mind. Personalized

hampers make the receiver feel special and can add the oomph factor to your gifts this festive season.

Still confused about what you can gift your employees, clients or family this festive season? Write to us for an unparalleled range of gifting and kitting options.

Although, you may not be able to have big get together or even meet up with your family and friends this year, it is still a time to celebrate and embrace the simplest joys of life. Virtual meet-ups are the way to go, and they can be just as fun. Decorate your houses, light up the diyas, share sweets and blessings, and make this the best Diwali ever. Send a gifts all around and spread the cheer.

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