The Undimmed Relevance of Printing in a Post-COVID World

printing in post covid19

The Undimmed Relevance of Printing in a Post-COVID World

Nothing is going to be the same after this world-changing pandemic.

Everything, from how we shop, to social interactions, are going to change forever. Among these massive changes, it becomes crucial, from a marketing perspective, to look for consistencies.

One of the biggest shifts that has been observed in global marketing, especially higher education marketing, has been the push towards urgent adoption of digital. Digital marketing has been found to have a number of benefits for marketers and brands alike, however, does that mean that print marketing is a relic of the past?

The answer, in one word – NO!

The question then becomes, what makes print branding and marketing such a constant for the higher education industry? There are multiple reasons for the same, let’s get into them one by one.

Higher Value

A research by Temple University a few years back, identified that print ads generated greater emotional response and memory among test subjects. Physical ads, they found, caused more activity in brain areas associated with desire and value.

The print media is one of the most powerful available to us. It is something that even millenials and Gen-Z find more credible. While digital continues to be a solely visual media, print, on the other hand, involves multiple sensory input. Right from the visual to the tactile aspect of the print material, it provides a deeper impact on the mind of the audience.

Credibility Builder

Studies have been unified in their observation that a majority of the population trusts print ads more than they trust online ads. While we have seen the trend shift lately, the shift is not nearly big enough to justify cutting out print from your marketing plan. Students find print material more engaging and definitely more credible than online ads.

Imagine a student viewing your university’s ad on a website, as opposed to holding a freshly printed brochure in their hands. What do you think, would give the student confidence as to your university’s willingness to help the student achieve their dreams?

Most importantly, the quality of your brochure or other print collateral creates a subconscious correlation with the quality of the brand sharing this print material. This is something that becomes very important when asking a student to make an investment as hefty as international education.

Elaborate Details

One of the biggest benefits of having print marketing materials is that you can provide greater details to your prospective students. There is only so much information that can go on your online ads, or even your website for that matter. Which is why printed marketing material can help students gain detailed information about the prospects available with the university. Students are looking for as many details as possible about their options abroad. At a time like this we need to ensure that the student does not feel the vacuum of any information, and print marketing material helps you do just that.

Exploring Print Options

Contrary to popular opinion, print marketing offers a number of options. The pandemic has also put a sizeable dent in university budgets around the world. Instead of investing only and only in brochures, it might be a good idea to diversify your promotion material in keeping with your target markets. For starters, having well-designed, detailed flyers, in the regional language will ensure that you get maximum receptivity and engagement from prospective students.

At Hue, we suggest a phased print promotion plan. Start them off with brief material, and lead them up to more details. Padding this with simultaneous digital outreach can be a wonderful way to ensure that you are ensuring you are converting maximum possible prospective students.

Hybrid printing options are also available where, with the use of QR codes one can ensure that you are giving students as much details information as possible.


The best part about print material is the sheer permanence of it. As compared to digital collateral, it is not a hit and miss. The brochure or flyer will stay with the student, maybe on their desk or on their dining table, visible to everyone who comes by it. It is a great way to make sure your brand reaches out to more and more eyes.

For Higher Education Recruitment

In a world rapidly spinning towards digital, print still holds a very important position. Designed keeping in mind prospective students, packed with information and imagery that is completely on point with your messaging, is exactly something that will add value for students.

As important as it is to make sure that you have the right marketing material, it is almost as important, if not more to make sure that they are reaching your target audience. Here are some points to keep in mind when investing in print marketing in the current situation:

Door-to-door deliveries are going to be norm in this new-normal. At Hue we provide you the option to do just that.

Translations are going to be crucial to making sure that your marketing material has the maximum possible penetration.

Synch your print material with the visual language of your digital marketing collateral.

Ensure that your website and social media handles have a strong correlation with your print material, it is going be the standout factor for students.

Let it be known, that in a world pushing itself to go digital, print collateral will continue to play a very important role.  And for universities preparing to garner leads for the upcoming recruitment season, getting a jump on their print planning is going to be crucial.

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