Why Printing Overseas Makes Sense In Today’s Economy

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Why Printing Overseas Makes Sense In Today’s Economy

Printing overseas is not what it used to be 10 years ago. Communicating with the printing companies was difficult, the quality was not at par with international standards and it was a time consuming affair.

A lot has changed during this time and today Asian printers and other international printing companies provide superior quality, reliable service and lower prices. International printers in India and Asia are now open to a wide range of printing projects. The evolution of graphic arts technology from mechanical art boards to computer files, e-mail and high-speed data transmission lines has transformed the printing industry, making printing overseas easier and even more affordable than ever before.

Printing overseas is not that uncommon
Many major universities have known for years that they can get high-quality marketing communication materials printed overseas at considerable savings. Hence, the practice of outsourcing print jobs is not at all new and several new universities are following their path in order to save marketing costs.

State-of-the-Art Machinery and Printing Standards
There is no gap in the kind of machinery used here than those used by American and European printers. Printers in India and other Asian countries can accept all of the standard media and graphics software and file formats. Hence, you can save up to 50% on your printing job without compromising on quality or service. This begs the question; why not print using an Asian printers or printers in India and other international markets?

Be in control of the process
The outcome of the print project will be in your hand as you’ll see exactly how your final printed piece will look before the final shipment. Guesswork is eliminated as you will be shown color proofs and final Advance Copies; which in turn will help you to examine the material and print quality at every step of the process.

No Hidden Charges 
At Hue, we offer you the pricing based on full production and delivery. We also help you design the brochures with our expert designing team and also chalk out a distribution plan based on your marketing itinerary. All of this with no extra cost.

Fast, Excellent Service
With the advancement in technology, communication barriers have been eliminated and it is possible to work around the clock, seven days a week. Technology has also helped printers in India to help produce superior print jobs as fast as, or faster than, many printers in the U.S. We make sure that delivery schedules are adhered to. With our excellent distribution network, we can deliver your print order almost anywhere in the world.

Printing Overseas does Make Sense
The advancement in technology, today, has demystified all the myths that were once associated with outsourcing the printing work to international players. Make companies outside the printing industry have for long outsourced certain parts of their business processes to equally qualified and less costly companies in India and other Asian countries. Considering the high cost involved in printing in America and Europe, it’s high time that universities begin to explore and enjoy the benefits of printing abroad.

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